Summer 2003 Volume 12 Number 2

Summer 2003 Volume 12 Number 2


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Honesty and Integrity Earn Public Trust
Leta Best

Executive Director
The Source of Leadership
Wayne Braid


Leading for Success
Val Wilson

Leadership: Some Other Parts of the Equation
Nigel Atkin

Corrections & Comments

Leadership in the Practice of Law
Tony DuMoulin

A Retrospective View of Critical Times
Dr. Bernard Hoeter

The Practical Qualities of Effective Leaders
Harriett Lemer

Do You Have a Traditional Organization or a Leadership Organization?
Terry D. Anderson

The Leadership Organization Challenge
Marilyn Hamilton

Assess for Success: Assessments and What They Can Do for Your Business
Ken Keis

The Living Workplace
Ann Coombs

Who Do You Think You Are? Creative Ways of Dealing with Challenging Employees
Carla Rieger

Enduring Qualities: Lessons from History
John Burgoyne, with Naomi Burgoyne

Leadership Lessons from the American Civil War
Filip de Sagher

Leadership in Adversity
Ann Ashley

Secrets to Leadership: Motivating People to Lead Themselves
Jim Janz

The Skills of Leadership and the Joy of Utilizing Them
Akash Sablok

The Tenets of True Leadership
Marny Morin

Leadership in Electronic Plan Examination
Chuck Salmon

The Right Leader at the Right Time
Dennis Wilson

Leading for Success
Steve Mullock


Profile of a BC Notary: Salmon Arm Wayne M. Letourneau: Enjoying the Challenge

Successful Spring Seminar 2003
Susan Davis

Celebrating Herbert Jack Welby Evans

New Notaries' Installation Ceremony 2003


Spotlight on Good Works
Foundation Grant Assists the Disability Community with Plain Language Income Assistance Information
Margaret Birrell

New Nidus eRegistry:
Joanne Taylor

The Notary Foundation

New Agreement with TD Canada Trust

Wayne Robertson, Executive Director of the Law Foundation of BC


Recommended Summer Reading 2003

Conveyancing Software
Notaries: Going Public
Carolynne R. Maguire

Wills & Estates Forfeiture Clauses in Wills
Trevor Todd

Family Law Spousal Support: Negotiated Settlements vs. Court Imposed Orders
Grant C. Taylor

Voluntary Disclosure: CCRA is Helping Taxpayers to “Come Clean
Kathryn Edwards

• DragonDictate 7.0: Good Product from a Questionable Company
• “Mirroring” Backup Software
Timothy Perrin

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