Winter 2003 Volume 12 Number 4

Winter 2003 Volume 12 Number 4


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International Connections
Leta Best

Executive Director
International Interests
Wayne Braid


Notaries Throughout the World
Val Wilson

Notaries Step Forward to Embrace Positive Change
Angel R. Marrero

Special Relationship between Notary Societies in America and British Columbia

Legal Documents for Use Outside of Canada: Apostille or Authentication
Julie Boness

The Notary in an International Role
Hilde Deprez

The Notary Professionin Belgium
Hilde Deprez

Notaries in England
Ken Sherk

Chinese Notaries
Susan Tong

Japanese Legal Practitioners: Bengoshi and Shiho-Shoshi
Bernard W. Hoeter

Win-Win Program Benefits BC Kids
Sue Carruthers

Asset Protection Planning Using an Offshore Asset Protection Trust
Bailey Jung

International Investing: The Risks and Rewards
Ryan Sharp and Wing Hua

Smart Money: Investing Internationally
Brad Brain

Notes from an International Property Tax Forum
Nigel Atkin

The Inevitability of International Dialogue
Nigel Atkin

Real Estate and Non-Residents: Things You Should Know
Kathryn Edwards

Non-Resident Vendors: The Big Holdback
Carolynne R. Maguire

Non-Resident Dispositions: Did you report your rental income?
Peter McLaren

Traces of Ancient Notaries
Pernille Nielsen

Death, Taxes, and Creative Planning
John Burgoyne

Adventures in the Middle East
Trevor Todd


Notaries Without Borders
Laurie Salvador

Profile of a Bc Notary: Senad Sijercic, Armstrong
Timely Telephone Calls Lead to Exciting New Opportunity as BC Notary


Time-Honoured BC Notaries

Vancouver Chapter’s Annual Christmas Dinner and Dance


Meet The Board Of Governors
Leta Best: Enjoying the Challenge of Work Well Done
Leta Best

Spotlight on Good Works: UVic Faculty of Law Creates Education Endowment for Aboriginal Justice
Anne Pappas


Online Registry
Manufactured Home Registry Now Online

Ruth McIver

Your Personal Guide to the Law

Kelly Lerigny

Business Savvy
Steering Away from Leasing Pitfalls

Matt Dunn

HOT TOPIC! An Update . . .
Kathryn Edwards

Family Matters
Potential Perils of Lending Money to—or Acting as Guarantor for—Younger Family Members: Lending Money in Good Faith

Margaret Hall

Part 3: British Columbia: A Brief History
The Gold Rush

Bob Reid

Business Skills
Public Speaking with Confidence: The Top 10 Secrets

Carla Rieger

Signing Your Life Away

Timothy Perrin


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