Spring 2004 Volume 13 Number 1


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Secretary/Executive Director
Step In
G. Wayne Braid

The Magic, Menace, and Mystery of the Sea
Leta Best

Marine Matters

Val Wilson

Canada’s Major Ports Face Challenges
Gary LeRoux

Surveying the Waters of BC
Chuck Salmon

LWBC Assignments for Foreshore Tenures
Bonita Wallace

Riparian Zones: At the Water’s Edge
Pamela Zevit

Float Homes and Foreshore Leases
Dorothy Clarkstone

Assessment of Waterfront Property
John Peebles

The Streamkeepers Program
Nichole Marples

Whatever Happened to Streamside Protection?
Dennis Wilson

BC Water and Waste Association at Leading Edge of Water Quality in BC
Harlan Kelly

BC’s New Drought Management Action Plan
Joanne de Vries

Cover Story
Powell River Notary Leanne Rebantad: “Messing About in Boats”

Coastal Shore Stewardship Guide Sustainable development in our coastal communities
Graham van der Slagt

Taking Security Over Vessels and Fishing Licences
Tony DuMoulin

BC Notary Masters Techno-Navigation
William Anderson

Rosemary Bennett of Mayne Island: Practising in Paradise

Report From the North
New Partnership Will Realize Transportation Vision

Rhoda Witherly

History and Archives
Why Roman Law Did Not Succeed in England
Bernard W. Hoeter

Mediation and BC Notaries

Rick Evans

Online Conveyancing
The More Things Change . . .

Carolynne R. Maguire

Spotlight on Good Works: Results of BC Courthouse Library Society Survey
Debbie Schachter

The Board of Governors

Notary Foundation Scholarship Winner
Diana Nguyen


From Mill Town to Cultural Capital
Powell River: A Town in Transition

Marilyn MacDonald


Allied Professionals
Common Concerns

Robert Laing

Wills And Estates
Conditional Gifts in Wills
Trevor Todd

Socially Responsible Investing: Integrating Your Values with Your Financial Plan
Brad Brain

Eco-Friendly Investing
Wing Hua and Ryan Sharp

Better Business Meetings
Could a Professional Registered Parliamentarian Help Your Business?
John Noonan

Attitude Adjustment

Get Your Grouch Potato Off the Sofa: 7.5 Ways to Deal with Challenging Moods in Clients, Co-Workers, or Even Yourself
Carla Rieger

Family Law
Common-Law Marriages: Do they Exist?
Grant C. Taylor

Web Browsing Just Got Better
Timothy Perrin


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