Winter 2004 Volume 13 Number 4


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Secretary/Executive Director
BC Land Surveyors: Here's to the Next 100 Years!
Wayne Braid

Charting a Course for 2005

Chris Dupuis

About Chris Dupuis

Surveyors Are Really Down-to-Earth!
Val Wilson

Looking Back 100 Years
Chuck Salmon

Allied Professionals Working Together
Roy Cammack

A Little Bit about My Survey Career, So Far
Neil Bennett

I Married a Land Surveyor
Sharron Dodge

A Small Town Survey Practice
Robert Allen

World Events 100 years ago in 1905

Sweet Solitude and Mosquito Repellent
Joyce Helweg

Does Size Matter?
Tony DuMoulin

The Merits of Due Diligence
Dave Bazett

BC Notary of the Year 2004
George Tanco

Chinese Notaries Visit Vancouver
Susan Tong

International Congress of Latin Notaries in Mexico City 2004
Laurie Salvador

Meet the Board of Governors: Susan Davis

The Law Foundation of BC
Heather Raven: Chair of the Law Foundation of BC

Grad Class
Heather Raven

Law Education
Akitsiraq Law School: North Comes South—Twice!
Kim Hart Wensley


Festive Tomato Soup
Ester Chiu

Manufactured Home Registry Update
Betty Honsinger

Board Announcement
New Board for BC Association Appraisal Institute of Canada

Wills and Estates
Legal Anachronism: the Presumption of Advancement
Trevor Todd

LTO Electronic Filing System
A Matter of When, Not If
Carolynne R. Maguire


BC History
Part 4: 1858 Establishing the Boundaries
Bob Reid

Tax Planning: Not Just a Year-End Activity
Kathryn Edwards

Demystifying Hedge Funds
Bailey Jung

Communication Style Quiz
Carla Rieger

Family Law
Many Ways to Calculate Child Support in Shared Custody Arrangements
Grant Taylor

Update: First Peoples
Taku River Tlingit and Haida II: the Honourable Duty to Consult?
Merle Alexander

Solving email Problems
Timothy Perrin


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