Spring 2005 Volume 14 Number 1

Spring 2005 Volume 14 Number 1



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Secretary/Executive Director
Are You Really Listening?
Wayne Braid

Are You Having Fun Yet?
Chris Dupuis

Do You Yearn to Learn?
Val Wilson

BC Notaries Enjoy First-Class Education
Rick Evans

Lifelong Learning: the Path to Professional and Personal Fulfillment
Susan Davis

Book Smarts or Street Smarts?
Marny Morin

Royal Roads' Learning Models Have Positive Global Impact
Phil Saunders

School Supports Student Success
Josje Andmore

Camosun Career Course Builds
Skills and Confidence

Diana Glover

What's Traditional about Libraries?
Maureen Witney

The Bluetooth Office
Akash Sablok

The Little Hand that Could Webinar
Akash Sablok

The Classroom Outside Four Walls
Ann Coombs

The Learning Age
Ann Coombs

MIT: Innovative Educational Program
Erik Snucins

Education in the Legal Profession
Rita Scott

Understanding the Education Credentials of a Financial Advisor
Bailey Jung

To Vietnam's Children—with Love
Marvin Lamoureux

My Lifetime Education Experience in East Africa
Rosario Kuhrt

The Splendid Lanterns of Taiwan

Profile of a BC Notary: Vancouver's West Side
It Takes Two to Tango . . . Why I Became a BC Notary
Filip de Sagher

Happy Chinese New Year 2005
Celebrating the Year of the Rooster!

Presidents of The Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia 1926 — 2005

The Notary Foundation
Meet the Board of Governors:
Laurie Salvador

Spotlight on Good Works

Board of Governors



Stress Management
Relieve Stress Right at Your Desk!
Catherine D'Aoust

Family Law
What is a Parent's Legal Obligation to Provide for a Child's Post-Graduate Education?

Grant C. Taylor

The Car Column
Performance and Panache!
2006 Lexus GS Luxury Sport Sedans

Val Wilson

Land Registry
The Land Title Assurance Fund—Illusory Remedy"
Jakob de Villiers


Wills and Estates
Missing Persons
Trevor Todd

Private Recipe
Breton? Brittle
Marilyn MacDonald

Mature Adult Housing
Ageing in Place in Sidney By The Sea
Laurie Salvador

Association of BC Land Surveyors
BC Land Surveyors' 100th Anniversary Celebration
Chuck Salmon

Test Your HQ (Humour Quotient)
Carla Rieger

History of BC
Part 4A: 1858 to 1864
Establishing the Boundaries

Bob Reid

Hey, I Can See My House from Here!
Timothy Perrin


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