Summer 2007 Volume 16 Number 2

Summer 2007 Volume 16 Number 2



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Secretary/executive Director
Your Notary, Education, and You!
Wayne Braid

Summer in The City . . .
Ken Sherk

Miscellany Worth Mentioning
Val Wilson

What is a Charity?
Tony DuMoulin

Philanthropy, The Artist, First Nations, and Royal Roads University
Nigel Atkin

Developing Future Philanthropists
Nigel Atkin

Honourary Citizen of Victoria Has Strong Motivations to Give
Sara Neely

Donating Shares to Charity
Ryan Sharp

Appealing Incentive for Donors to Aid Research
Charlene Taylor

A Caregiver’s Story
Barbara Warman

A Little Boy’s Legacy:
Jeremy’s Memorial Foundation Against Domestic Violence

Donna Gillette

UGM Serves Food for The Soul
Jennifer Turin

The Legacy of Lewis MacDonald Lives On

William R. Harvey

Can a Charitable Bequest Offer More than Tax Savings? Three Stories
Isabela Zabava

The Friendship Legacy
Phyllis Simon

Investment In a Future Without Carcinogens Lloyd Johnson’s Legacy
Tim Staunton

The Right Stuff . . .

Services a BC Notary Can Provide

WHere are tHey noW?
Howard McCarthy, Boundary Bay, BC From Desk to Dock

Profile of a Bc notary: MaPle riDge
Mr. Jon Harris: from Notary to Nuts!


Spring Conference 2007

Installation Luncheon 2007

The Class of 2007
Norm Witt


SPotligHt on gooD WorKS:
West Coast LEAF: Transforming Our Future, One Program at a Time
Alison Brewin

Board of Governors


Educating Minds to Work Together
Nigel Atkin

Toward a New Veneer Theory

Ten Thousand Villages
Ernie Janzen

HiStory of BritiSH coluMBia: Part 6
The Events of 1871 and the Resolution of the San Juan Boundary Dispute
Bob Reid

tHe BritiSH coluMBia HiStorical feDeration
The British Columbia Historical Federation Preserving British Columbia’s Colourful History
Ron Hyde

Income-Splitting in Retirement: New Opportunities
Kathryn Edwards

WillS & eStateS
Common Law Marriage or Mere Housemates?
Trevor Todd and Judith Milliken QC

A Medley of Summer Reading

Cooking Tours in Italy:
Feasts for the Mind, Heart, Senses, and Soul

Margaret Cowan

tecHnology i
Comfort and Technology
Akash Sablok

tecHnology 2
Leaving the Box Factory
Tim Perrin

HonourS anD eventS
Where in the World has The Scrivener Been?

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