Winter 2006 Volume 15 Number 4

Winter 2006 Volume 15 Number 4


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Secretary/Executive director
Dr. Bernard Hoeter: a Unique BC Notary
Wayne Braid President

BC Notaries: Unique in All the World
Ken Sherk

Services a BC Notary Can Provide

Old School Excellence and High Standards
Val Wilson

A Reverence for Wisdom
Nigel Atkin

Modern Careers and Today’s Professional
Marny Morin

The More We Change, the More We Stay the Same
George Tanco

About Dr. Bernard Hoeter

Dr. Hoeter: a Rare Treasure, Indeed
Leta Best

Consular Days: an Afternoon with Dr. Hoeter
John Burgoyne

Recollections on Dr. Bernard Hoeter

Margot Rutherford

Dr. Bernard Hoeter: The Gentle Giant
Nancy Schick Skinner

Dr. Hoeter and I
Akash Sablok

The Right Stuff. . .
Profile of a BC Notary: Surry

Trish Fedewich:
Beautiful Balance of Career and Family

Society of Notaries Public of BC
Executive Committee 2006

Private Recipe
Michael’s Succulent Avocado with Scallops and Prawns

West Vancouver is the Perfect Setting for This Persian-Speaking Notary
Fariborz Khasha

Charles Ellington: Looking Beyond the Obvious

Proud Moment for the Ellington Family

Where are they now?
Aidan Butterfield: Always a Pupil and a Teacher
. . . a Lifetime of Learning

Spotlight on Good Works
Shelby Jorgensen: One Year after Receiving a Notary Foundation Award

Board of Governors

Letter: Annemarie Stasiuk



Land Serveying
Electronic Survey Plans a Reality in 2006
Rick Hargraves

BC Land Title Authority Exceeds Goals for First Year of Operation
Godfrey Archbold

Land titles in ontario
Real Estate Fraud in Ontario
Alan G. Silverstein


Advertising Opportunity!

Forum on housing
Affordable Housing, Part 2

Tony DuMoulin

Taking for Granted
Judge Paul Williamson

Youth education

Ghana Awakening
Kyra Galey

Wills & Estates
The Cypres Doctrine
Trevor Todd and Judith Milliken QC

You asked us . . .

Mutual Wills
R. Trevor Todd and Linda J. Yardley

When is the Right Time to Incorporate Your Proprietorship?
Kathryn Edwards

Flow-Through Shares
Ryan Sharp

History of BC
Part 5: 1864 to 1871
Bob Reid

Charitable giving

The Gift of a Lifetime

Peter Chipman

Technology I
Memory and Storage

Akash Sablok

Technology II

Post-Christmas Wish List: High-Tech Toys for Big Girls and Boys
Timothy Perrin

Honours and events

About The Society

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