Fall 2008 Volume 17 Number 3

Fall 2008 Volume 17 Number 3

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Till We Meet Again . . .
Ken Sherk




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SeCretary and exeCutive direCtor
The Role of Goals!
Wayne Braid

Designing Your Life
Val Wilson

Measuring Accomplishments
Nigel Atkin

It’s Time to Act on Your Dreams and Desires!
Ken Keis

Powell River Grandma is a Rare Bird
Marilyn MacDonald

A Perspective on Achievement
John Crawford

A Drop in the Bucket
Ann Altenburg

Super-Fitness Changes Everything!
David Watts

George and Ella Balfour: Creating a Family Focus

The Ultimate Achievement
Chuck Salmon

UGM Offers a Second Chance at Life
Anika Cornish

Pritpal Narwal Celebrates
His First Quarter-Century as a BC Notary

Becoming a BC Notary

BC Notaries’ Fall Conference 2008

profile of a BC notary
Charmaine Van Tine: Breathless in Victoria

The Master’s Program for BC Notaries Has Begun
Marny Morin, Education Services

Where are they noW?
Retired Notary Diane Siebolts:
Finding New Passions

Happy Birthday, Shabnam Sablok!

Fraud Seminar

Spotlight on good WorkS
The Notary Foundation Supports Women in Need:
Investing in the Future of Single Mothers

Vanessa Wellington

Appointments to the Board of Governors
of the Notary Foundation of BC

The Scrivener: What’s in a Name?

Services a BC Notary Can Provide

BritiSh ColuMBia
Spectacular 9-Day Ride Celebrates BC’s 150th
Birthday of Becoming a Crown Colony

Doug Parton



Neglect of Seniors
Laurie Salvador

reMeMBranCe day: noveMBer 11
Growing up in Flanders Fields
Filip de Sagher

hoBBieS and leiSure aCtivitieS
The Joy of Eggshell Artistry
Debra Burden

Visit to the Second Mayan Empire
Dr. Hoeter

CaSe CoMMent
The Nature of a Registered Mortgage in British Columbia:
Is a Mortgage Granted by the Registered Owner of Title a Valid Charge?
Bob Reid

Protecting Title to Land in BC
Godfrey Archbold

finanCial planning
Effective Wealth Transfer and Estate Planning
for the Small Businessowner

Larry Jacobson

Helping Seniors: A Few Things to Know
Kathryn Edwards

gueSt ColuMn
Timing is Critical: Regional Police 2012
Robert J. (Bob) Stewart

Vet Techs Are Key to Pet Well-being at Animal Clinics

real eState
In Mexico, Notaries Have All The Power!
Kevin Beatty

WillS & eStateS
Limitations for Wills Variation Claims
Trevor Todd and Judith Milliken QC

Fall Tech
Akash Sablok

honourS & eventS

Where in the World has The Scrivener Been?

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