Spring 2009 Volume 18 Number 1

Spring 2009 Volume 18 Number 1
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Educating BC Notaries

the preSident
Educators Lead Our Way
Susan Davis

Learning is Ongoing
Susan Davis

the SeCretary and eXeCutiVe direCtor
Vision, Value, and Verve
Wayne Braid

BC Notaries: In Hot Pursuit of Education
Val Wilson

Meet Our MAALS Educators!

The Class of 2009
Cheryl Vavra

The Journey to Success: The Class of 2004
Kate Manvell

priVate reCipeS
“Best Ever” Meatloaf
Chocolate Cake

What Does it Take to Become a BC Notary Public?

The Scrivener: What’s in a Name?

Services a BC Notary Can Provide

Wills Drafting for BC Notaries

Vancouver Chapter’s Spring Dinner

Doug Parton

The Flavour of Life in the Philippines

profile of a BC notary: Coquitlam
Jim Robinson: Continuing BC Notaries’
Tradition of Trust

North to Alaska and the Yukon
Jim Robinson

Where are they noW?
Ian Macnaughton:
Enjoying His Ongoing Passion for Learning

A Miracle Brings Us Here This Evening
Abrahim Tahsili

Hot Off the Press from Joe Quan!


Spotlight on good WorkS:
The Vision of BC CEAS:
Pearl McKenzie

BC Dispute Resolution Practicum Society
Celebrates 10 Great Years

Kari Boyle

BC land SurVeyorS
Update: Labour Mobility
Chuck Salmon

The 2009 Board of the Association of BC Land Surveyors

The S.O.B.s: Time Well Wasted
Alan Comfort

Strata laW
Hardship under Strata Property Act
Daniel Boisvert

notarieS around the World
The Private Notaries in Vietnam
Steven Le

Roman Civil Law, Part I
Bernard W. Hoeter, PhD

New Canadian Centre for Elder Law
Laura Watts


A Tale of Two Cohorts
John Crawford

Travelling through Canada’s Diverse Northwest Passage
Charles and Joy Carter

hiStory of BC
The Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway and Robert Dunsmuir

Bob Reid

inVeStment Strategy
Strategic Investing
Larry Jacobson

intelleCtual property BaSiCS
Tony Wilson

Tax Breaks for Families and Individuals:
The 2009 Federal Budget

Kathryn Edwards

WillS & eStateS
Revocation of Wills
Trevor Todd Judith Milliken


Advertise in The Scrivener

Springtime Fun/Work Tech
Akash Sablok

honourS & eVentS

Where in the World Has The Scrivener Been?

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