BC Notaries supports National Housing Strategy

National housing strategy released - 22 NOV 2017

BC Notaries supports the key investments outlined in federal government’s new National Housing Strategy and its Vision to facilitate access to housing that meets Canadians’ needs and that they can afford, and stable and competitive housing markets.

We also support the promotion of diverse communities and encourage the construction of homes that are sustainable, accessible, mixed-income, mixed-use, and located near transit, work, and public services to support inclusiveness and a continuum of housing types and opportunities.

“Notaries across BC have a unique and informed perspective on home ownership, providing legal services to more than half of all families and individuals buying and selling homes in B.C. We see and help our clients with the challenges of buying and selling every day,” said Jessie Vaid, First Vice President of BC Notaries and a Notary in Delta.

First-time buyers are struggling to find affordable entry homes, save for a down payment, and qualify for and access financially sustainable financing in many centres in B.C.  Similarly, seniors are struggling to continue to afford their homes, baby boomers are tapping into their own retirement funds to help parents and children, young, growing families with children want opportunities to move-up to family sized homes and many new immigrants can’t afford to buy in our long-rising market 

“Affordable home ownership is a key component in assisting certain demographics to move along the housing continuum, creating space in the rental market in situations where renters can be enabled to transition to home buyers”, said Jacqui Mendes, Chief Executive Officer, BC Notaries.

BC Notaries encourages the federal, provincial and municipal governments to work together to create policies and frameworks that support inclusive and accessible housing for everyone in our province. This supports a strong economy, vibrant communities and healthy families and residents.

CLICK HERE for the complete Housing Strategy. See Chapter 9 for Home Ownership information. 

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