Documents and Forms
  Title Last Updated
Anti Money Laundering Press Release 16-Apr-2019
Make a Will Week 27-Mar-2019
Notaries Act Sec 5(4)-Notice of Petition to Examine Notary Candidates 2019 18-Mar-2019
Important information for British Nationals 12-Mar-2019
The BC Notaries Association receives the Mortgage Brokers Corporate Partner Award for 2019 28-Feb-2019
BC Notaries Association Finds More First-Time Buyers Receiving Down Payment Help in 2018 20-Dec-2018
BC Notaries supports National Housing Strategy 15-Feb-2018
Make a will week Press Release - Kelowna 05-Apr-2018
Make a will week Press Release - Victoria 05-Apr-2018
Make a will week Press Release - Vancouver 05-Apr-2018
MAKE A WILL WEEK, 8 APRIL TO 14 APRIL 2018 11-Apr-2018
National Housing Day - Non-Traditional Housing Nov2018 20-Nov-2018
Housing is a Key Issue for B.C. Seniors 22-Nov-2017
Many BC Homeowners and Parents Don't Have a Will 06-Apr-2017
Year-End Real Estate Report: First Time Buyers 06-Jan-2017
BC Notaries Elect 2016–2017 Board of Directors 21-Oct-2016
New BC Notaries Real Estate Report – August 2016 27-Jul-2016
Most Frequent Home Buying and Selling Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them 03-Jun-2016
Five Ways a Legal Will Can Protect Family Members 05-Apr-2016
March 2016 BC Notaries Real Estate Report - First Time Home Buyers Top Questions 22-Mar-2016
January 2016 BC Notaries Real Estate Report - Foreign Buyers 12-Jan-2016
Many First-Time Buyers Getting Help from Mom and Dad 10-Dec-2015
BC Notaries Housing Tips for Seniors 24-Sep-2015
President’s Award of Excellence 14-Sep-2015
Elder Abuse Prevention Tools 01-Jun-2015
The Notary Foundation of British Columbia Announces Two New Directors 27-Apr-2015
Update on BC Notaries and Law Society Joint Task Force 15-Apr-2015
Five Reasons Under 50's Should Have a Will 27-Apr-2015
Make a Will Week 31-Mar-2015
BC Notaries’ Bust Common Home Buying Myths 23-Feb-2015
Make a New Year’s Resolution to Create a Will in 2015 18-Dec-2014
Helpful Information for Travelling and Migrating Seniors 10-Oct-2014
The Society and Notary Foundation Offices Have Moved 09-Aug-2014
First-Time Home Buyers Tips for Busy Spring Market 26-May-2014
Advance Care Planning - What You Should Know 15-Apr-2014
April 16 is Advance Care Planning Day 15-Apr-2014
Make a Will Week 25-Mar-2014
BC Notaries Welcome 2014 BC Budget Support for First-time Home Buyers 19-Feb-2014
BC Notaries Look Forward to Joint Task Force Recommendations; Improved Access to Legal Services 10-Dec-2013
2013-2014 Board of Directors Elected 07-Nov-2013
Helpful Resources for BC Seniors 01-Oct-2013
Back to School 2013 28-Aug-2013
10 Essential Tips for Strata Property Buyers 18-Jul-2013
Advance Care Planning Backgrounder 12-Apr-2013
Take Charge of Healthcare Decisions 12-Apr-2013
New Wills, Estates and Succession Act 02-Apr-2013
Newsletters 29-Jan-2013
BC Notaries Elect 2012-2013 Board of Directors - Retain Strong Leadership 15-Oct-2012
Changing Face of Families Reinforces Importance of Planning 21-Sep-2012
Refinancing 11-Jul-2012
Notaries Support New Home Buyer Incentives 02-Mar-2012
BC Home Buyers Document and Expense Guide (PDF) 01-Mar-2012
Laurie Salvador - Wills - CFAX 13-Jan-2012
Tammy Morin-Nakashima - Power of Attorney - CBC 13-Jan-2012
Akash Sablok - Advanced Planning - CKNW 13-Jan-2012
Vancouver Sun - Where there's a Will 13-Jan-2012
New Year's Resolution - Create a Will 28-Dec-2011
BC Notaries Encourage British Columbians to Learn More About Planning Tools 21-Oct-2011

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